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  1. English should be spoken always within the school premises.
  2. Personal cleanliness and hygiene are greatly recommended to all.
  3. No collection for any purpose whatsoever, no party or picnic may be held without the permission of the Principal.
  4. Presents to teacher or other such demonstrations in their honour also require prior sanction of the Principal.
  5. All pupils are expected to be presented for the morning assembly at 8.55 a.m. Strict silence is to be observed during prayers and while going to the classes after the assembly.
  6. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal and a letter from the parent.
  7. Pupils should not write or scribble on the walls, throw paper or pour ink around the class-room or in any way damage the school premises. Any damage done will have to be made good. Those who take their lunch in the school shall see that their places are well cleaned before they leave. They should use the bins specially provided for depositing leftovers.
  8. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work and bad behaviour justify dismissal.
  9. Pupils are themselves responsible for their books, fountain pens, lunch bags and personal belongings. It is not advisable for pupils to have money or valuable articles with them. Pupils are strictly forbidden from coming to school wearing gold, silver and platinum ornaments.
  10. Objectionable literature is not allowed into the school. Action will be taken against those found guilty of bringing such literature to the school.
  11. Parents are expected to be co-operative with the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and by taking daily interest in their children's progress. They are requested to check the diary daily and the remarks of the teachers, if any.
  12. Pupils shall not absent themselves from any organized school activity without permission from the Principal.
  13. Parents must check the diary for any organized school activity.
  14. Parents should not enter the class rooms to speak to teachers or their children during class hours. Parents who seek information should call at the office.
  15. Pupils suffering from infectious diseases shall not be allowed to attend school.
  16. No pupil, who fails in two successive years, will be allowed to continue in the school.
  17. Parents are particularly expected to bring the progress reports or any other similar document when requested.
  18. Parents / Guardians are requested to notify the school if there is any change in their address.
  19. When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter the standard and the section of their children.
  20. Parents are requested to make any complaints directly to the school authorities and not to the class teacher.
  21. Parents Guardians or other persons are not allowed to see their children, or interview their teachers during school hours without the sanction of the Principal. The members of the staff should be met during their free periods by prior appointment.
  22. PARENT - TEACHER Meetings (Open Day) will be held on a Saturday as notified from time between 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. Parents are requested not to miss this opportunity of meeting the teachers and discuss the progress of their children.
  23. Fee once remitted will on no account be refunded. Irregularity in the payment of fees will result in discontinuance from school.
  24. During the absence of a teacher, the class leader will be responsible for order and discipline of the class.
  25. Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal.
  26. Students absent from examinations without grave reason will be considered having failed. Students absent from any examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined. The marks obtained in the terminal examination will be considered for grading the students.
  27. Parents are requested to read these regulations carefully and to ensure that their children abide by them. Courtesy, refined manners and good behaviour are expected of each student. A spirit of generous involvement and dedication to the ideals of the school should be the characteristics of both parents and students.


  1. The minimum attendance for promotion is 85%.
  2. Absence due to illness exceeding one week shall be supported by medical certificates.
  3. A pupil coming late by more than forty minutes shall be considered to be absent for half a day.
  4. No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from parents or guardians and that only for serious reasons.
  5. Students not returning punctually to school after the holidays are liable to have their names struck off the rolls.
  6. An absentee must on return to school, produce a letter from her/his parents or guardians duly explaining the cause of absence. The school disclaims all responsibility, if through failure to produce such a certificate, a student is obliged to return home during school hours.
  7. If a pupil is absent through illness for more than a week, the Principal must be informed at once.
  8. Pupils who take leave without notice are struck off the rolls for unexplained absence of more than one week is as a rule not readmitted. If readmitted, especially after late return from vacation, they will have to pay the entrance fee again.


  1. A calendar month's notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil, else the fees will be charged, Such notice should be given in writing by the person responsible for the pupil, not by the pupil herself / himself.
  2. No Transfer Certificate is given until all dues to the school is paid in full.


  1. Bus / Van stops are fixed by the school.
  2. Even if a child uses the bus / van for a part of the month, charges for full month will be collected.
  3. The service charge for the bus / van should be paid along with the school fees in advance. It should be remitted to the office directly.
  4. Service charges for bus / van will be collected each term.
  5. Students will be held responsible for any damage caused to the vehicles and repair charges for the same will be collected from them.
  6. Students should be present at the fixed stops at the stipulated time. The vehicle will not wait for more than two minutes waiting for their arrival.
  7. Whenever a student, using the school bus / van, is taken home by a private transport, the class teacher or the office must be informed.



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