St.John de Britto




School Prayer

God our Father, we thank and praise you for bringing us together this morning. We ask you to be with us throughout this day to guide us in our studies, activities and play. Teach us to use our minds and hearts, time and talent for our good and for the good of others and make our school a joyful home for everyone. Amen.

Prayers before Class

O loving God, we thank you for this beautiful day. Bless all our educational activities, guide and inspire our teachers. Help us to concentrate on our studies.

Prayers after Class

O God, the fountain of all wisdom, grant that we may remember what we have learnt today. We offer you this day. Forgive us our shortcomings and give us perseverance to strive after True Knowledge.

School Anthem

That our life may shine in the world Lord
Let your divine light shine on us
We, the Brittons praise you, Lord
We, the wards and the staff pray to you.
Ch: Let us all have a bright future
And let our aims soar higher -2
Vested with tranquil greenery
Nested in agrarian beauty – 2
We, your children adore you Lord
We, the Brittons praise you, Lord -2
That ignorance may be dispelled
That knowledge serene propelled -2
We, the Brittons pray to you
Through John Britto our patron -2



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