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The gospel values of Jesus truth, love, justice, and respect for human life took concrete forms in the ministries of his disciples. Later the followers of Jesus spread the same gospel values inculcating in the minds of the people love for God and love for neighbour. The same gospel values are taking deep roots in this area through health care and educating the people to respect each other. Thus LRRC was started in 1956 to care for the leprosy affected persons to give them healing and to integrate them in their family and in the society with care and affection. Slowly the hospital has found tuberculosis a deadly disease taking the lives of ordinary people because of lack of information and lack of treatment. The hospital joining hands with foreign donors has given medical care to the people totally free. It has brought down the number of patients to very minimal. Later the hospital has seen the innumerable sufferings of the polio affected children and their parents languish. The hospital has taken several efforts keeping them inside giving food, physiotherapy and guidance counselling to the parents so that the polio affected children should walk and do their activities themselves. Thus the hospital has taken several efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the people especially giving them medical care at affordable cost.

As part of its ministry, LRRC under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Victor Sunderaj had a vision to start a Matriculation School in order to provide standard education at affordable cost to the children mostly from rural areas. The Salem Diocese has taken the initiative to support LRRC to actualize the vision and started the matriculation school with the name of John De Britto, a saint who came from Spain but spent most of his life time in our Land giving love and care to those who are in need. Thus our John Britto School has been opened to our children on 04.06.2007. The campus was filled with new life of children playing, studying, doing social works etc. It was upgraded to 8th standard in 2009-2010. Finally the first batch of 10th Standard wrote their common public examination in March 2012. Rev. Fr. Joannes Gopu, Director of LRRC upgraded to John Britto Matric to higher secondary and the first batch wrote their public exam in the year 2014.

The Catholic Church known for quality education started attracting many students to join John Britto Higher Secondary School looking its great performance within a period of ten years. As we have completed ten years of service, we look back to think and appreciate the services of several people who have shed their tears to build up this school. At the initial stage, the principals Rev. Sr. Vimala Jothi (2007-2008) and Rev. Sr. Auxilia (2008-2011) worked hard to bring standard education to the children admitted in this school. High appreciation especially goes to Rev. Fr. Arulappan (2011-2012) who within a short time has introduced several fields of sports and other activities which brought fame to this school. We can never forget the untiring work of Rev. Fr. Jothi Fernando (2012-2017) who made the children to excel in education which we could see in the performance of the students who appeared for public examination. The students who appeared for 10th public examination scored state level ranks and got the shield from the Chief Minister Miss Jayalalitha. It has brought cheers to the students, fame to the school and happiness to the management. The present Principal Rev. Fr. S. Sebastian has initiated several steps to bring effective communicative English among the students and also to nurture the creative skills of the students. We also remember brick steel company especially Mr. Leo Charles who have put up massive buildings for our school which gave an excellent look for the school.

- Rev. Dr. A. Alagu Selvan
Director of John Britto Matric School



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