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Rev. Fr. Arul Sundar

Greetings and prayerful wishes form the Principal, John Britto Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Westfield, Kamalapuram, Omalur, Salem. ”Let your life shine”-with motto our school had its humble beginning 14 years back. Thanks a million to the God Almighty for strengthening us day by day.

This website is a medium which we offer you an insight into the school lives and activities of our students and the members of the staff.

As I look at the moments captured and articles posted on our site, I find myself reflecting on the world of today with the on-going technological advancement, the society is constantly progressing in leads and bounds. Together we can strengthen on society as well as our school community to seek the improvement of our programs.

John Britto has reached at its Zenith within a short span of time by winning quite number of laurels both academically &Co-curricularly due to its radical thinking and innovative ways in shaping the students life.

Striving hard and achieving the realms of life is always the Motto of John Britto we “The Brittons” have been proving it true.

This is the year of exuberant we urge to radiate positivity in life and bring out the potentials in each students.

In closing, the teachers, supporting staff and I are looking forward to work with you to provide the best education possible for your children.

I wish all the students, parents and staffs a successful, productive and safe days ahead.

“If you want to learn swimming-Enter into the water, if you are to join the race-Enter the track”.

As parents and teaches let us encourage our children and give them the opportunities and enable them to be triumphant and prosperous in life through hard work. I wish all the best.

God Bless You.

- Rev. Fr. Arul Sundar

 Rev. Dr. A. Alagu Selvan

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. It has liberated the people to democracy in many countries; it has improved the life style of the poor people; it has freed the people from slavery, it has freed the children from bonded labor. It has civilized the people to live a healthy, friendly and joyful life. It has brought awareness among the ordinary people to question corruption and bribery. Yes, the real education transforms everyone.

Today the corporate and the bureaucrats have used the time and money to manipulate the people in the field of education. It has become a commodity to be bought with money not a value to be learned and enjoyed. Still some strive to offer education with true sacrificing values. John Britto comes to you to realize the aim of bringing matric education to the rural people enabling them to get acquainted with the modern education of good communicative English with excellence in the character. Thus it provides not only knowledge but also moral values and a good character formation. It thrives to prepare the student with a future vision.

I wish everyone who comes to John Britto gets out at the end with more knowledge and good character and also happiness.

- Rev. Dr. A. Alagu Selvan

Rev. Fr.S. Sebastian

Dear All,

Greetings and prayerful wishes from the Principal, John Britto Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Westfield, Kamalapuram, Omalur , Salem. “Let Your Life Shine” – with this motto our school had its humble beginning 12 years back. Thanks a million to the God Almighty for strengthening us day by day in the educational Apostolate. May be little late we are happy to be a part of great communication system of website. Yes, John Britto has a webpage of its own where web browsers are invited to login and access the datas provided about us in text documents, images , audio clips etc… I am sure a web browser would be well informed and enriched by the multiple activities of Brittons and know well about John Britto Matric. Hr. Sec. School. All the best. God Bless you!

- Rev. Fr.S. Sebastian



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