St.John de Britto



History of John Britto, Our Patron Saint

St.John de Britto

Our School is named after the patron saint John De Britto. John de Britto was of Portuguese nobility and the son of a governor of Brazil. He entered the Jesuits in Lisbon in 1662, was ordained in 1673, and left that year for the mission in India. In his effort to promote education among the native Indian people as a missionary, he wandered through Malabar and Madurai regions and even adopted the customs and dress of the Brahmin caste which gave him access to the noble classes. He renamed himself Arul Anandar (அருளானந்தர்) in Tamil. He was preaching truth and sincerity as the way of life and the kings who did not like his preaching imprisoned him in 1684. Having been expelled, he returned to Lisbon in 1687, but he returned in 1690 to the Maravar country to continue to preach and educate the people. He was executed for his preaching of truth, sincerity and love as the way of life by the local king of Madurai. As he is well known for his way of simplicity in life and nobility in education, we have chosen his name for our school. Following the model of our patron, we like to inculcate the values of truth, sincerity and love of our neighbors in our education system. As he has excelled in his studies, we wish everyone who come here to excel in their studies.



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