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Teacher’s Day

Teachers Day


On sep-5th In remembrance of Dr.Sarvpathi Radha Krishnan’s birthday who in our second president of India. Students express their gratitude and appreciating for their teachers on this day. Teacher’s Day aims to value and acknowledge the contribution of all the teachers in shaping one’s life.

The assembly was followed by a get-together. Our Director Rev.Fr.Alagu Selvan addressed all the teachers with his inspiring words..He appreciated all of them for their diligence, sincerity and hard work. All the teachers were given gifts by the Principal and the Director. The assembly came to an end with a beautiful dance performance and it was dedicated to teachers who are considered to me the second parents of the students.


Teacher’s day was celebrated at John Britto by the leaders and students of all the classes. They entertained the teachers with Skits, Songs, Dances and Poems. They highlighted the importance of a teacher in each of their lives. They expressed their happiness and gratitude by giving mementos. The Principal in his address to the teachers thanked and appreciated them for their efforts and presented them with mementos.